Sherlock Real Estate

Teaming up with the incredible skill and expertise from Jeremy at Studio Kunze, we worked on a full rebrand of Sherlock Real Estate after being appointed in June 2019, by their Lisbon office.

From the beginning we embarked on a research led project, working in close collaboration with the team at Sherlock. After our first ‘getting to know the client meeting’, we dived in to a brand audit, talking with the clients, workshopping ideas, looking at their existing brand collateral, and their competitors.

Understanding the needs of a tech start-up was really important to this project. The rebrand took 2 months and was rolled out at the end of Summer 2019. Once launched the team had numerous funding rounds where investors were impressed with their new look and strong direction.

Shown here is some of the final work from the Brand Guidelines document as well as look at a few design routes that were not chosen.

Sherlock Real Estate - Portugal

The process that Jeremy and Dave took us though from start to finish was an incredible journey. By the end we new exactly where we wanted to be placed and what our purpose was, this teamed up with our fantastic visual identity helped us to continue to secure further rounds of investment capital.

Tariq El-Asad