Salt Studio Co-Work

– Lisbon, Portugal

After taking on a large new project with a client based in Lisbon, we decided on moving to Portugal for 6 months and opening another office over here. After much deliberation with where that would be, we finally settled on the beautiful seaside town of Ericeira, just a 30 minute drive from Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon.

The space opened in January 2020 and provided Ardour Design a much needed home from home where our second office was placed. We created a beautiful and nurturing space where it is inspiring and efficient to work, and have already built up a fantastic community of freelancers, local creatives and other incredible humans.

From start to finish we were responsible for every aspect of the process, from the identity work, designing the space, building the space and the digital solutions. Working with a few local connections that we had made whilst being based over here, we expanded our network of extremely talented freelancers.

The town of Ericeira is a hub of ex-pats, creatives, and ocean lovers and it was crying out for a dedicated co-work space that would serve as a hub of that community. The project gave us such a good insight in to being on the other side of an interior design and build project, and there will be many learnings taken forward into future work. Hopefully we’ll understand our clients concerns a lot better.

As well as designing the interior and identity for Salt Studio, we also designed the systems which worked with our custom booking platform. Working alongside one of our extremely talented developers we ensured every aspect of the booking process was as simple and easy to use as possible. This was launched a month or so after the opening of Salt Studio and had a dramatic increase in the amount of bookings that we received.

Once everything was in place, we began to build a network of local partners from yoga studio’s to restaurants in order to increase our visibility and reach, embarking on a series of Facebook adverts and community building events.

We also partnered with a large and newly opened co-work space in Lisbon called Res Ves, for those wanting to get out of the city and come and work near the sea.