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Sea Change

Along with Studio Kunze, we were commissioned by Studio Woode to design, build and install a new exhibition at the London Roca Gallery in Fulham. The project sets out to highlight the imminent risk that a huge percentage of us are facing with regards to climate change and specifically the change in sea level heights on a global scale.

Whilst Studio Kunze focused on the graphic identity of the project, we focused on the structures and materials that would be used. Seeking inspiration in the architecture featured in some of the projects, we undertook a large research phase along with Studio Kunze in order to design accommodate the work that would be shown. Using sustainably sourced materials where possible, we designed two large structures to house the majority of the project work, a separate area as a reading table and sand bags as seating. Our main sourced of material inspiration came from some of the devastating hurricanes that have been hitting the East Coast of America in recent years.

We worked with local guys, Standard 8 on the build and install of the project

Studio Kunze
Agnese Sanvito
Sam Luck