Print Design

We have worked with a variety of clients on all sorts of different packaging projects from illustration, cutter guide creation and 3D visualisation. We have been working a lot lately with SLAM Design, a gift company based in Lincolnshire. Working closely with their product development team to ensure that we meet their brief on time and on budget, whilst keeping a high level of creativity and developing those little details that make all the difference.

We will often develop a mini-brand for each product and will think not only about the packaging but also how the product will be displayed and promoted once in production. We will also often develop an identity for each product, which helps the consumer identify with the brand. We are able to use our 3D visualisation to ensure that the cutter guide works exactly as it is supposed to, first time!

With our vast wealth of experience we have manage to work on some fantastic print and packaging projects for clients such as M&S, Urban Outfitters, Sainsburys and TESCO.

They are able to use their many years of experience in the design industry to achieve some fantastic work!

George Crane - MD