Working with Judy from start to finish has been such a lovely experience. Her dedication and authenticity from when we first met where immediately apparent. She isn’t just trying to achieve another Yoga Brand, she really wants to make a difference. Her belief in wellbeing and holistic approach to teaching were clear from looking through the feedback of her clients.

Upon our first meeting, it was clear that Judy’s connection to nature was as important to her as her beautiful eye for design. There was already a lovely selection of photography from past photo-shoots, various different styles and locations and it was important to bring this together to help consolidate her brand and visual identity.

We begun the process by mood-boarding, a process that is incredibly helpful when working with new clients to get a really good understanding of them. Anything goes, there are no wrong images in a mood board. Judy put together some images and sent them over to us, from which we produced a series of mood boards to help refine the project direction.

It was clear that a contemporary approach was going to be needed, with a soft and warm colour pallet.

Judy Christie

Dave and his team are so down to earth, have great ethics, are warm, friendly and enormously talented.

Judy Christie