Hen Restaurant

– Brighton

We worked with hen from the conception of the idea. We went through a lengthy in-depth process or research and conversations to get the brand as clear as it is today. We aimed high from the beginning developing a brand that had expansion on the horizon right from the start. Ardour Design was responsible for developing all creative aspects of the business from print and digital design to the interior and project management. As it was a start up business we were working on a very tight budget which fuelled our creativity and we would find opportunity to use whatever we could around us. Tight budget aside, we were determined that it had to be finished to a high level and we succeeded.

We decided to use an interactive and playful approach with our over-sized pegboard that would allow the business to grow as their needs did. We also designed, bespoke seating, bespoke lighting, bespoke bench seating and a bespoke concrete bar clad with sourced metal ceiling tiles. We re-used as many materials as we could including upholstering bar seat cushions with charity shop sourced denim for a beautiful and resilient finish.

We wanted to give the business a design that is functional and beautiful and wanted the space to be able to grow as the business did. The space looks creative, original and functional and most of all it has been received very well. At the time of writing we are still working with hen on an aftercare package and future expansion plans. We are also helping them to hold regular creative mornings and evenings which will involve the local community.

It is invaluable to have a design team who really understand the business from inside out for brand consistency and future expansion.
Mr P.Ilic