Hamiltons Of Canterbury

– Cosmetics

Having run a hugely successful cosmetics brand in the late 90’s, Max Burton approached us with renewed excitement. He had the opportunity to launch a new and exciting beauty label in to the Australian market, all he had to do was to WOW the buyers over in Adelaide. He asked us to produce a Proof Of Concept document, creating a brand from scratch and showing how it could develop and evolve after it had been launched.

Hamiltons Of Canterbury
May 2017
Proof Of Concept, Packaging Concept, Art Direction, Identity


We built the brand identity from the ground, telling a story around the whole project, art directing a styled photo-shoot, creating packaging, labels, a website holding page as well as other identity collateral and a 22 page document that was sent to Max’s client prior to his meeting. The end result was a beautifully designed fully package showing how once the range was launched, how it would grow in to a full blown concept, available to by across multiple retailers in Australia and the Asian market.

Range Visuals

We created individual products based on the ingredients we were given, then we put them together to form a beauty range. Paying careful attention also to the kind of packaging that would be used for the product, and when on the shelf.

Web Presence

We also produced a mock-up website holding page so that Max could excite the investors with how the site would look. It was so important to think of all the details, to really sell this idea in to the buyers there had to be nothing we didn’t consider.

Product Packaging

Each product was carefully considered, ingredients, what sort of vessel it would be sold in and how it would be shipped. This was put together in the full 22 page document that was produced as a Proof of Concept.