Bayley & Sage

We were lucky enough to work with long established West London deli brand, Bayley & Sage on their new website. They work with the very highest and freshest quality produce in all three of their West London deli’s. They also produce a lot of their meals and content in-house and have highly experienced butchers, bakers and chefs working in-store. The fact that a lot of their produce is made in-house was something that was not obvious and something that we felt was important for their customers to know. We had this very much at the forefront of our mind when creating a brief for the art direction of the photoshoots.

Bayley & Sage
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Live Date
December 2016
Web Design & Development, Art Direction & Photography

They organised, planned, art-directed and styled a beautiful photoshoot, which enabled us to get some fantastic shots that not only look great on the website but also give us some great material for future publicity material.

Sue Woodward - Project Manager

Mobile First Development

With an increasing customer base using their mobile devices to visit the current Bayley & Sage website, it was extremely important that we developed with a mobile first attitude. This is generally how we would approach most digital projects unless there is a good reason not to. After further research it became clear that there was an intention to develop further with more sites opening across London, with this knowledge we made sure we developed on a platform that would allow them to grow as they did.

Art Direction

We worked with the wonderful food blogger and photographer Daniela Exley on this project, and developed a strong style that we wanted to achieve during our first round of photoshoots, which were instructed to gather photo content for the new site. We came up with various story and moodboards for shoots at Spitalfields Market to shooting in-store getting a chance to show off their fantastically skilled staff.

Close Working Relationship

Getting to know their staff enabled us to create some really beautiful scenes and content for the new website, whilst also giving a chance for their staff’s knowledge and skill to shine. This relationship was built upon further when we were asked to direct and shoot their new Christmas Catalogue.

Custom Recipe Development

Building on the WordPress platform we further, we designed and developed a custom template that would allow them to collate a large range of recipes, inviting food bloggers to add their favourites in to the mix at the same time allowing them to up-sell certain items in their stores.

It was really great to work with Ardour Design, Dave and his team really took the time to get to know us and what we wanted from a new website, whilst helping us through the unfamiliar process the whole way.

Sue Woodward - Project Manager